Manoël Dahan

Research & Embedded system

About me


Graduated in 2017 from INSA Lyon in the Telecommunications, Services & Uses department, I am today in constant search of technological challenges allowing me to discover new innovations and acquire skills.
Graduated from a technical degree in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing before joining my engineering school, the skills I acquired during my studies allowed me to work on projects in the field of Internet of Things, Smart-City but also more software and web oriented projects.

I have an open-mind and I love to discover new fields, imagine solutions and make them. For me, there is always a better or simpler way to do things, but that innovation must not rhyme with environmental degradation or be liberticidal.

I believe it is important to imagine and conceive the innovations of tomorrow with a strong aspiration for the respect of the environment and the service to the person.

Research, innovation and disruptive ideas are both the solutions to our social challenges and the guarantors of economic growth.



  • Embedded systems
  • From drawing up the specifications of a device to the deployment, I have been working on the whole process of the development of sensors.
    Modeling a case, 3D printing, designing a PCB (Printed Circuit Board), coding & testing, etc...

  • Project Management
  • Using tools to keep track of a project are essential in order to move forward. Logistic tracking, workflow management, documentation, maintenance status or even todo lists are all part of the management on IoT projects I have worked on.

  • Web Development
  • It is often required to develop an UI for projects, therefore I had the chance to work on multiple interface. These allow you to view collected data in the form of graphs, arrays or even on maps using libraries or APIs.

  • Communication Protocols
  • Measurements made with a sensor give only local information, but with a multiple device, the interest is to propagate it to databases to derive global and processed information. Thus the use of wired or wireless communication protocols is essential to any connected technical project.

  • Soft skills
  • It is essential to be able to communicate with the people you work with, and even more so to be able to adapt your speech to the person you are talking to. Being able to listen, learn, teach and present your work are also essential skills for an engineer. But it is also necessary to be able to trust, to have empathy, boldness and most of the time creativity and curiosity.